Why Offer Outplacement?

Any employer faced with the prospect of making redundancies can find the experience extremely challenging; not only determining who should leave but also maintaining engagement with those that remain.

Making the decision to offer Outplacement can lessen the burden and offer benefits to the company and employees, so why offer outplacement…..

1. Simply because it’s the right thing to do, those departing have contributed in the past to the company’s success; outplacement support shows that you care and recognise the contribution they have made.
2. Those that remain in the company are able to see that during a difficult period those departing have been given support and the opportunity to potentially lessen any period of unemployment.
3. Motivation, engagement and productivity levels can be severely affected during a redundancy process and are shown to be better maintained when outplacement support is offered.
4. It demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare and shows a high degree of ethics both within and outside of the company.
5. Going through a redundancy process is difficult for most managers and highlighting outplacement support early in the consultation process will lessen the burden on line managers or the HR department to try and offer this type of support.
6. An external provider of Outplacement support offers an independent person to guide the individual through the transition. Those affected can often feel angry about the situation they are in and someone removed from the company can more easily help them move forward.
7. Employees are less likely to seek legal action if they feel their employer has supported them and valued their contribution.